Eastern Ever Eco-friendly Plastic

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Development of Eco-friendly Plastic

Eastern-Ever corporate top mission is to minimize environment pollution and achieve carbon emissions balance. The previous impression of plastics is that they use energy materials extracted from petroleum.

In view of the issues of environmental protection and effective reuse of resources, In recent years, most of international brands have paid attention to energy regeneration issues. Therefore, they started to use Eco-friendly recycled plastics increasingly. This is also our achievement which has been striving for in recent years.

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What is PCR Eco-friendly Plastic

Plastic products are common in our daily life, including home appliances, 3C electronics, furniture and others. Plastic products are indispensable in our life, therefore, how to recycle plastic product is the most important and critical issue Post-consumer resin is a solution to curbing the growing plastic pollution problem and decreasing the depletion of natural resources.

Post-consumer resin (PCR) includes consumer packaging items such as household appliances, computers, electronic equipment, bottles. These items can be reprocessed into recycled plastic that’s used to make new products.。

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Development of new recycled materials

In addition to general-purpose plastics, Eastern-Ever is also constantly experimenting with the development and application of different types of recycled materials, including PET materials that have been recycled and used in people’s livelihoods and the recycling of waste plastics that drift in the ocean (Ocean-bound plastic, OBP). We have developed new types of Eco-friendly materials that can be used in electronic products, building materials and other fields. If you need more technical consultation, please click to contact us.

Process of Plastic Recycling

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Raw material recycling process
Raw material crushing process
Sorting process
  • Winnowing: remove dust, feathers, sawdust and other impurities.
  • Water selection: Different materials are classified according to the specific gravity of the materials.
  • Electric Sorting: use the principle of static electricity to sort materials such as HIPS and ABS.
  • Color Sorting: use a color sorter to screen out different colors of raw materials.
Raw material pelletizin process
Coloring and adjustment of physical properties
Finished product and quality control process
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Recycling system certification

In order to ensure the system stability and source traceability of recycled materials, our materials certified by UL 2809 and TUV recycled plastic certification, including the following series of materials.