About Eastern-Ever

Eastern-Ever is a multinational company established from the Ever Plastic Group. The main business is to expand the Chinese plastic resin market. Eastern-Ever established Suzhou Wujiang factory in 2006, Chongqing factory in 2014, Yueyang factory in 2020, and Weihai factory in 2022.


With over 35 years’ experience and the latest technology, we are capable to provide advanced material solutions in various industries including electronics, IT and automotive.

In addition, as a corporate social responsibility mission, our core value is pay attention to environmental protection and renewable materials and energy. Our corporate mission is to minimize pollution and achieve carbon emissions balance. Develop the professional plastics field with the concept of sustainable management.


Core Value

We are specialize in plastic coloring field and compounding for different type of composite resin. We could provide customized service in functional plastic material as well as resin trading business. With over 35 years’ experience and the new material technology, we are capable to provide advanced material solutions in various industries including electronics, IT and automotive.

Being an environmental, ethical and socially responsible company, we are committed to maximize reuse and recycle of e waste and post consumer products. Under the governing systems, we continually to improve the process of minimize pollutions and comply with legal requirements.

For our new material technology, the key manufacturing process developed by ourself and develope more high-quality resin such as rABS for AR130 and rHIPS SR150, our certified recycled resin can also help customers obtain EPEAT certification as well. For more resin detail please see our product section website.

Think green ever and make it


Key to success: working with EPC

Eastern Ever has been major in plastic expertise with no major supply and quality issues. We look forward to establish a mutually beneficial business relationship with you soon.

  • We have
    ISO 9001, 14001, UL yellow card, UL 2809, TUV recycled resin system certification.
  • Set up regional plants to support client’s business
    Short lead time;Reduce delivery cost;Reduce inventory cost.
  • Customized Service
  • Good consistent quality
  • Willing to invest in new technology

Equipment and QC instruments


Twin screw extruder and automatic suction mixing system
Air pollution filtration system
Spectrometer color sorting machine
Electrostatic sorting machine

QC instruments

XRF RoHS Tester
Gravity Tester
Melting Index Tester
Notch Machine
Impact Strength Tester
H.D.T Tester
Flexural Tensile Tester
UL 防火測試儀
UL fire protectionTester